Thursday, August 28, 2008

SNL: Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live...

So one night, Chase and I were in bed watching some TV - - and the SNL: Weekend Update came on. I had never seen it before, but this particular skit was absolutely hilarious!! Chase and I cracked up so hard we both had tears in our eyes!! So I want to share it with everyone!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Amanda's Celeb Look-a-likes

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

Chase was truly disappointed that my look-a-like wasn't Debra Jo Rupp. Most of you will know her as Kitty Foreman on "That 70's Show" - - and I have to admit, I do resemble her in more than just looks!! Just ask some close friends or Chase.. they will tell you!

Chase's Celeb Morph

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Watch Chase turn into a major hottie.... Not that you aren't already honey!! But lets face it Colin Farrell is the bad boy in every girls dreams!! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amanda James Phillips

I am: Amanda James Phillips
I think: Life is what you make of it... so live it up!
I know: Who I am and what I want out of life
I want: Security and love forever
I have: A husband, a family, and friends who ALL love me!
I wish: I didn't have to worry about MONEY!!
I hate: When people aren't up front with you
I miss: The social life from college and a few friends that have moved away. I miss my home in Rupert, and being able to see my mom every day
I fear: Failure, death and heights
I feel: The air conditioning and the cat rubbing against my legs
I hear: The TV downstairs and cars passing by
I smell: Laundry in the dryer
I crave: Pizza!
I search: For answers
I wonder: About life and the future and what it holds for me
I regret: Nothing, everything I have done has taught me something that I needed to get to this point in life
I love: The smell of fresh rain in the foreset. The feel of sunshine on my skin. My husband, family & friends. The way a hay field smells after its been cut!
I care: Too much about what other people think.
I always: Want what I can't have :(
I am not: A pushover, wet blanket, or a doormat
I believe: Karma is real
I dance: When no one is watching!! Or with Chase (he makes me look good)
I sing: In the car and in the shower... That's it
I don’t always: Listen to the other half
I argue: Too much.
I write: No where. I need a journal
I win: When its important to me
I lose: When I could care less
I never: Miss the chance to be with family or friends
I listen: To everyone and anyone who needs a friendly ear
I can usually be found: At work or at home
I am scared: Of childbirth!
I need: Nothing... I'm content right now!
I am happy about: Having the opportunity to go to esthetics school. Not everyone gets to go after something that makes them happy. And having such a great hubby!

Ok… now its your turn… tell me about you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

James Taylor!! ??WHO??

Monday night our friends, Grant and Lindy, took us to the James Taylor concert at the USANA amphitheatre. Chase was really excited cause he really likes James Taylor... I on the other hand had never heard of him. So when I was told we were going I had to look up some of his songs on the internet at work!! Sad I know!

It was a lot of fun though. His music was really laid back and very relaxing. And I must say for an old guy he plays and sings pretty dang good! It was my first concert at USANA and I really like that place. It was so nice to just sit and lay on our blankets and enjoy the beautiful night! During intermission everyone went to go get snacks but I stayed back... and sneaked a peak at Lindy's copy of "Breaking Dawn." Lame I know!! I couldn't help it though. My curiosity got the best of me on that! Now I have to wait for my copy to show up in the mail. (yes, yes... mine has not shown up yet! I'm getting very pissed off about it too!)

The night was amazing and it was so good to get out and do something! Thanks so much Ralls' for the invite!!

Shoshone Falls

Over the weekend Chase and I ventured up to my parents house in Idaho. It was a fun weekend! We celebrated my cousins wedding Friday night at his reception, and on Saturday my family got up and went to the Twin Falls, Idaho temple open house. That was a really neat experience, I had never been to an open house before. Though I remember the sealing room from the Salt Lake temple from when my family was sealed together. It was pretty cool to have my entire family together and experience that. What beautiful craftmanship that goes into building the house of the Lord. Amazing.

After that we went to Shoshone Falls. It was roaring pretty good considering the time of year. Its usually at its peak at the very beginning of summer and then dies off before summer is over. This year it has kept a pretty good flow going. On our way there we saw these huge bull elk on the ridge line going down the canyon. At first I thought... holy hell there are a lot of elk right here, that didn't seem right. And then we realized its a new elk farm that is on your way to the falls!! Tons of people were stopped to take pics. But I'll admit it was pretty awesome to see them all standing on the ledge with their huge antlers!

What a great weekend spent with the Cooks!! I love it!