Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Handy Man!!

So I bought this cute little storage tower from ABC Distributing. I knew it was a D.I.Y. sort of thing, but I thought no biggie.... I can handle it. After all I am quite independent. Well after step 1 I kind of messed things up. I stripped a screw while trying to get it screwed in.... and then I couldn't get it all the way in, or out for that matter.

Chase came home and saved the day!! He put it all together for me and I just watched! It was pretty time consuming, so I probably will never order anything like that again unless it comes already assembled!!

Thanks Babe!

Monday, February 25, 2008

St. George - President's Weekend

Chase and I took a little trip to St. George over President's Weekend. We stayed with his brother Adam and his family. It was a lot of fun. We left Friday night and arrived around midnight. We went to the Parade of Homes on Saturday and saw some amazing houses... Like a ridiculous 21,000 sq. ft. home, complete with a bowling alley and amazing swimming pool. My favorite house of the whole thing was the last one we went to. It was beautiful, and had a hidden room off of the master bedroom. The bookcases opened up into a cave-like tunnel that led to an opening that they had themed as "The Phantom of the Opera" - - - it was amazing!! And through the tunnel some more led to a private hot tub that was behind the waterfall of the pool. Absolutely hands down the coolest house I've ever seen!

We got to go out to Sand Hollow where a new development is going in. It will be cool when it's done. There is a golf couse going in and shopping centers along with a major housing movement!! We got to take a self guided tour around the golf course in the golf carts. I think that was my favorite part of the weekend. It was a lot of fun.
We did some shopping and played with Mason & Dylan. It was a great little vacation and made us want to move south to the warmth!!