Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grant's B-day Pics..

Hopefully this works. I couldn't get my slide to show up in the other post.. so maybe creating a new one for it will work???? HOPE SO!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall in Sardine Canyon

I always curse my drive from Willard to Logan. But I have to be honest... out of all the places to commute this is one of the prettiest canyons in the fall. When all of the colors start changing I quit cursing the drive - - - That is until the snow starts falling!! But just to show everyone what I get to see everyday during the fall, I stopped and took a few quick pictures. I'm going to stop and try to get some better ones because these DO NOT do it justice!!

Grant's Birthday!!

On Saturday night we got to go out with the Ralls & the Jaques! It was a lot of fun... good thing since we were celebrating Grant's big 26th Birthday!! We all met at Tepanyaki's in Layton and enjoyed some of their amazing food!! We love it there!! Afterwards we hit up the Muskrat (that's what I called it) Lanes for some bowling. It was so much fun!! It was so fun to get dressed up with Chase and go out and have a nice date night! It seems like forever since we had done that!

Happy Birthday Grant!! And thanks for inviting us out!!

I asked Chase to take a cute pic with
me and this is how many takes it took
before he actually smiled good

Friday, September 26, 2008

My SwEet LitTLe MakELl!!

My sister in law, Emilie, just had some new pictures of her little girl taken!! I just love my niece and miss her to death!! Just wanted to do some bragging since I only have a cat - - - and lets be honest NO ONE CARES ABOUT A CAT!! I hope when the time comes my kids are this cute! She seems to have a lot of Cook in her (she looks like my brother!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Manda's 24 - - SURPRISE!!

So this weekend was my birthday (the 21st) and I had no idea what we were going to do. Well my amazing husband put together a surprise party for me!! I couldn't believe it! All of my good friends were there and it was fantastic! Everyone was waiting in my kitchen when I got home from school Saturday night. I was absolutely surprised!!!

There were decorations everywhere and balloons!! Everyone was nice enough to help out and there were tons of goodies to eat!! Chase grilled up some shishkabobs and pineapple... it was wonderful! We even had a pinata!! That was a riot!! After all the fun of the pinata and food, we all went inside for a competitive game of pictionary (girls vs. boys). The boys killed us! Who knew they could draw a bunt cake pan!!?

I am so sad that my camera battery was dead :( So I didn't get very many pictures. Just a few of the very beginning!! All I can say is I am soooo spoiled by my husband!! I will forever remember this birthday!!
I got a cute pink iPod Nano!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped out! I have the best friends anyone could ask for!!
Some of the girls The cute cupcakes
My surprise

Friday, September 19, 2008

Painted Room!!

So today I had the day off and my mom came down to visit and help me paint our bedroom. I have been wanting to paint for quite a while, but its so scary choosing a color and just going with it... So finally I found some colors that I decided would look good, and let me tell ya - - - I LOVE IT!!

Not to sound braggy, but it looks so good, I just want to sit in my bedroom now and just stare at how different it looks and even feels. I did the wall that our bed sits against a dark brown (called BonBon from Lowes) and the other walls are called Chantrelle (also from Lowes). I absolutely loved the brown when it was done, but the other color kinda scared me a little, but once it was on all the walls I was okay with it.

It was definitely a project... alright I'm lieing, it only took from about 8:00 to 12:30 to finish it. That included all the taping and everything!! Not to shabby! Here are some before and after pics - - they kind of don't really do it justice, but you get the point. Oh I was also proud of my curtains!! Lame, I know but I'm not really good at that kind of decorating!



Friday, September 12, 2008

To pass the time...

I am so bored at work today I could probably die! So to pass the time I thought I'd share a few of my most favorite things with you all! I tag all who read it to post something similar!! :) I know some of you out there are as bored as I am!
Pedicures!! (what girl doesn't love these?)

Orange Chicken (I am seriously craving it at this very moment!)
Nature Valley Yogurt Bars (best on the go snack!)


Lounging on any beach!

I rock the X Balm!
Lounging by pools!
Pizza (its always my lazy dinner!)
Gerbera Daisy's (are my fav)
My cute niece Makell
and of course I LOVE HIM!

Learning sooooo MUCH!!!

I know you are all probably thinking "geeze.. are we seriously going to have to hear about every single thing she learns?" NO... I promise the newness of it all will wear off and I'll stop blogging it! But this week has been a lot of fun!! We did more eyelash extensions (apparently they are really popular), and WAXING!!! We waxed legs, arms, armpits, bikini's, eyebrows, and lips!! I LOVE IT! I'm not going to lie though... I almost cried like a baby when they waxed my lip. Seriously, don't do it if you don't need to!

Supposedly on Saturday we are learning eyelash tints and perms. I'll have to take a pic of my before and after! I'm pretty excited since i have straight white eyelashes!! My fear is that they will fall out!! Cross your fingers for me! Sorry if I'm boring any of you... but this is pretty much my life now :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Week of School!!!

So I have made it through my first week of school!! I think I deserve a pat on the back. Here are a few things we did in our first week. (Its only Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat) Tuesday we jumped right into things!! The first hour of class is Theory, which consists of highlighting important things in our book and working on our workbook. Then we went straight into learning eyelash extensions!!
Wednesday we started learning our massage techniques for facials and I got to give my first mini-facial to a classmate!

Thursday I was the recipient of a facial, and Saturday we did another facial, finished our workbooks, lash extensions and our Chapter 4 test.

Chapter 4 was on anatomy & physiology... who knew there were so many muscles, nerves and bones in a human face?!
I was pretty nervous since we didn't have much of a heads up and since we were new she wasn't going to make us test on it, but then changed her mind!! But I was very proud of myself, I studied a little - - not as hard as I could have but I managed an 88%!! Yay for me!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Events!!

So normally on a long holiday weekend people take a little trip somewhere, we decided this time to stay home and just enjoy ourselves. And we did...

Friday night we had some friends over (thanks to those who made it)!! We had big plans to play croquet, and maybe a wii tourney (Thanks to the Jaques' for bringing it), and hang out. Before we could get outside to get the croquet going it was dark - - - such a sad time when you notice it is getting dark before 9:00, and we tried to get the wii tourney in place - - but no one was feelin it. So instead we ordered pizza and just hung out. Lindy and her little boy Maddux came, and boy are we glad she brought him. He was our total entertainment for the night!!
My favorite line from him was when I was trying to get him to pet our cat, and he says to me "I can't... She's black and I already washed my hands today!!!" I thought that was pretty great. Chase and Kelly enjoyed swinging him around in a blanket, making him so dizzy I was sure he'd puke!! And for some reason Chase drew a kitty face on him with markers. Thanks for being such a great Mom Lindy!!

Saturday we slept in later than usual and it was soooo nice!! I cleaned a little and around 11:30 we got a visit from my brother Jared, his wife Emilie, and my totally cute niece Makell. They hung out and chatted and mostly we stared at Makell!! When they left Chase and I headed down to the Gateway to meet his brother Chad and his wife, Fernanda. It was the Brazilian festival or something like that and Fernanda wanted to go. (They got married in Brazil a year ago, and she finally made it back after going through the long process of getting a Visa. So we are very glad to finally have her around) It was a lot of fun. I imagine it would be what a fair would be like in Brazil. They had all kinds of foods you could try, a band playing, lots of booths with very pretty jewlery and tons of people! We tried a few of the foods, our favorite was some kind of dumpling with shredded chicken inside and deep fried!! YUM!! They also had lemonade to die for!! It was amazing. We browsed the booths and listeded to the band a little. And of course we shopped!! (What is the point in going to the Gateway if you don't shop?!)

It was a great weekend!! We'll see what this Labor Day has in store for us... so far not looking good. Rainy, cold and drab outside!! Someone CALL US!!!