Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

Well February was here and gone!! And here we are in March and let me tell you Spring Fever has set in at our house!! Here is a little tid bit on what's been going on at the Phillips' household!

25th Street in Ogden had a Winterfest this year. We didn't hear about it until the very end, but we showed up for the ending fireworks!! It was a lot of fun. Apparently they trucked in enough snow to pack the big hill and have things like skiing races and sledding, and then there was of course the snowmobile racing. Sure wish we would have known about all of the fun stuff going on!! You can be sure we have marked our calendars for next year though!!

(yes, Clayton and Chase had to buy light sabers!!)

I have officially started my new job at Oria Spa in Eden, UT. It was a long time coming, and I had quite a bit of time on my hands with the weeks between jobs! So I tried to be useful, by painting the bathroom downstairs!! I am so happy about the way it turned out. The pics just don't do it justice!! The color is Bamboo Shoot from Lowes. And as you can see I still need to get a mirror to put in my frame, because some dumb contractor glued the freakin mirror to the wall! Who does that!? I also came so close to finishing the living room. For those who have forgotten we did a venetian plaster in there. I will forever curse that stuff. I have one wall still needing the final coat and then we have to do the final polishing. Perhaps next year!!!

The pics are my fav. Old school magazine covers from the 40's!!

We had a spontaneous night and met the Jaques' in SLC at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. It is located at Trolley Square. I always have this tiny fear in the back of my mind when going there since the whole freak shooting a few years ago and all. But it was a fun night!

Last but certainly not least we got to go to the Jazz vs. Rockets game a few weekends ago. Chase got the tix at an auction at one of the title conventions he and his bro went to. We had fun with his brother Skyler and wife Heather! We had dinner at the Gateway. Here is where you will laugh. Of course we don't plan ahead and by the time we got there all of the restaurants of choice had a wait of 45-60 min. So we defaulted to the food court!! It was good though! The game turned out to be a good one! Heather got her minute of fame on the Jumbo-tron!!! I of course ducked the other direction!

So if that isn't enough, just know that Life is Good!!