Thursday, August 27, 2009

August - - WHERE DID IT GO?!

Well here we are at the end of August!! I am still wondering where the month went... We have been busy as usual!! Lots of fun stuff happening lately! Gosh- - where do I begin? With the first of the month I guess. :)
August is always fair time and I love it! I had to work in a booth at the Cache County Fair (only one night!) It was fun as always! Love the people watching at fairs.. it always brings out the best of the best - - if you know what I mean! We also hit the Morgan County Fair and enjoyed some navajo tacos and the LAST scone of the night with the Jaques. No it was literally the last scone on the whole entire fairgrounds! Camille and I felt so lucky it was ours! Later that same night the boys played poker at the famous Steph's Drive-In in Morgan, and Camille and I went and saw the movie "The Ugly Truth" LOVED IT! Mostly loved Gerard Butler ;)
On the 13th we celebrated a good friends 25th b-day with a surprise party!! Happy Birthday to Clayton Sherman!! We headed up to the Migliori residence in Liberty. We bbq'd and played water balloon volleyball!! It was lots of fun! Thanks to Stevi for the invite!

the water balloon launch

And that weekend we had an amazingly fun photoshoot with Camille! We all met in Morgan and the Phillips' residence and used the neighbors barn and cool old truck for our pics. They turned out wonderful and we had soooo much fun! I can't even wait for the next one!! Get ready Camillie!!

And last weekend we headed up to Lava Hot Springs to camp and hit the pool! It was such an adventure! We left Saturday night and finally arrived at like 9:00. The campground we reserved online turned out to be what looked like a huge parking lot with bumper to bumper tents!! We opted to not stay! We found a nice spot up a canyon and went back into town to meet Grant and Maddux and find some firewood to buy. When we finally got back to our camp spot there was a train blocking the entrance!! FINALLY we got camp set and started a fire and roasted - - - I know you are all thinking that is gross, but honestly they were amazing!! My new favorite campfire treat! We got up early the next morning due to the rain coming down on us! Headed into town for some breakfast and the pool. Luckily it was just overcast when we went to swim and then the storm rolled in! Everyone swam in the rain for a while until it was coming down too hard and we headed to the indoor pool. It was a great trip and a very memorable one! Thanks to all who made it and had fun with us!

And stay tuned next week for the pics from Sandy & Dave's wedding. It is this Saturday!!! We are all soo excited!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 24th in Lake Powell!!!

For the 24th of July (yes a little late posting) we headed down to Page, AZ to enjoy the waters of Lake Powell!! We had so much fun with the Phillips clan. It is insane to see how big the family is getting! We barely fit in the boat we rented! It was so nice to be in the hot weather and have the lake right there to play in! I think everyone enjoyed their time away from real life and we can't wait to do it again! We had some exciting news given to us while we were together as a family. My mother in law Sandy is getting married!! We are so happy for her and are excited to add Dave to the family. Congrats you two!