Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crafting makes me HAPPY :)

Had a recent craft night with the girls. It was a much needed time for us all! We made some cute stuff too! I don't know what it is about letting your creative side take over, but it sure makes a difference!

Recipe Holder (just need some magnets)

Countdown Blocks!

Cute little trees

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H-A-double L - O-W double E-N (Halloween!)

October has come and gone.. but that is the great thing about October it leaves with a bang!! Halloween is a favorite holiday of my husbands, for example: He chose to work every weekend at a Haunted House so he can scare people. So we decided we were going to throw a Halloween Party. It turned out to be lots of fun, so it will become a traditional thing. We had a pinata, played Charades, and had a donut eating contest. And a ridiculous amount of candy and treats!

We also did a costume contest. Chase won the Scariest Costume. Dustin won the Funniest Costume, and The Clarks picked up the BEST COSTUME!

If you are one who is easily offended, I recommend not scrolling down. :)

On actual Halloween night, we went up to a party in Logan. My friend and I went as "Girls Gone Wild" girls! It's not what your thinking... we made fake boobs out of nylons and stuffing and sewed them to our sports bras!! I thought it was hilarious... but that is just me. Chase was the "devil" that made me do it! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

~Sneaky Sneaky~

I just thought I'd share this funny little story with everyone. Those of you who know Chase, know that he can be quite the prankster. So, we have started an on-going rivalry between a few of our friend couples. As of a few weeks ago The Phillips' had yet to be pranked back. Well that all ended on the night of pumpkin carving.

The story goes as follows:
After we finished up with carving, Camille and I were sitting around and I heard this beep. I kind of looked around to see if I could see anything flashing and there was nothing. I asked Camille if she heard it and she did. The beep continued on intervals of around 10 - 15 minutes. I decided to ignore it for the night and just go to bed.
The days went on and the beep continued to irritate me. I had pin-pointed the location to the kitchen near and around the stove & microwave. On my day off I decided I was going to find what it was. I unplugged, reset, moved, rearranged and anything else possible, still no luck. Thursday I almost went insane because of the beeping. I had spent 4 hours baking treats for our Halloween party on Friday and the entire time the beeping continued. You can imagine - - it was something like the Edgar Allan Poe poem "Tell Tale Heart".
Saturday was my day of success! I was cleaning things up from the party and gave one last shot to find the annoying sound. I pulled the oven out (for the 3rd time) and VOILA'!! I found this:

Note: in the bottom left corner is the word ANNOY!

And the culprits were Camille and Kelly themselves. One word Jaques' - - REVENGE!! Just you wait for it!