Monday, April 13, 2009

The Latest Happenings...

Well needless to say we have been pretty boring lately. Seems like all we do is go to work, go to school and sleep! I sure can't wait for a change in life! But for the time being I'll just be happy about it all!
Nothing too exciting has been going on. Last week I finally gathered up enough motivation and energy to paint my kitchen! I have had the paint for quite some time now, just no "oomph" to do it! My friend Stevi came over to help - And thank goodness she did! I would have given up! It was not as easy as I had thought! Now that it is done I love it. I still have to touch up the ceiling area - - that is the crappy part of painting. Why can't the tape peel away and leave a nice straight line??? I'm open for suggestions!!



For school we got to help with the ballet "Alice in Wonderland" that took place at the Peery Egyptian Theatre in Ogden. It was a ton of fun. I was fortunate and got to do the makeup on the little girls. They were so fun and cute about everything. Guess they haven't been in the business long enough to be big brats! We had fun doing that.

For Easter we finally made it up to my parents house in Idaho. I haven't been home since Thanksgiving! It was so good to be with all of my family. I wish we had more time to spend with them. I didn't get any pictures... I was too busy having fun with my niece Makell. She is such a cute little thing. She is 15 months and in to everything! We took the wii with us and got Grandma Johnson to give guitar hero a try! It was pretty funny!