Wednesday, May 18, 2011

12 Week UltraSound

Today was a fun day.  We got to go in for my 12 week Dr. appt.!!  Chase and I were pretty excited to see the babes again!!  We had bets on how big they were going to measure.  I was pretty close!!  They both measured right above 6cm!!  So they are doing good and growing fast!!  Their little heartbeats were strong and I was so shocked to see them MOVING!!!  That was an unreal moment.  They both showed off their acrobatic skills and did plenty of flip flopping around!  I'm so excited for our next appointment in June, we should be able to determine the sexes of them!!  And judging on how much moving they did this time, I really don't think we'll have a problem getting them to show us their stuff!

These pics are hard to decipher!!  Hopefully next time we'll get some better shots of them!!  I'm so glad we get a video of each ultrasound, it's way better to watch them then to just look at the pictures!  Also, as the doctor put it, I'm expanding nicely!!  Apparently carrying twins puts me about 4 weeks ahead (size wise) of someone carrying just one baby.  And here is the picture to prove that!

We are so excited!!  I can't wait to finally know what they are going to be so we can start choosing names and clothes and all the fun stuff!