Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sun is Gone... The Leaves Have Fallen... The Snow is Coming

Ya... it's been quite a while since we've had an update!!  It's not because we aren't doing anything!!  Life has become quite a whirlwind these past few months!  I'll just hit the highlights these last few months!!
My 26th Birthday!!  Wasn't super excited about it!!  But it turned out awesome!  I got my hair cut and colored that day (what girl doesn't love that?), I got a beautiful bouquet of roses, and 2 JOBS!!!  Yay... just what every girl dreams of... a job for her birthday gift!!  ha ha... I can laugh now because it has turned into an amazing opportunity for me.  Chase got me a room at Split-Enz salon in N. Ogden to do my esthetics.  While he was arranging that, I was interviewing for an office job at MOSC-Affiliates in S. Ogden!!  Well... I got them both!  More to come on the salon stuff later!
We took a trip to Lake Powell with some super fun people!!  I have missed that place for the last few years!!  Thanks Mike & Stephanie for the chance to enjoy life again!!
We decided to celebrate Halloween to the fullest this year.  So Chase got a wild hair and we put on a haunted house in Brigham City at the old Indian Schools!!  It was stressful, but guess what... IT WAS AWESOME!!  Everyone who came through loved it!!  We broke even and considered that a success considering we did ZERO advertising for it!  It is now going to be a yearly Phillips Family event!! 
Chase's brother talked us into going on a "ghost tour" with a group of friends.  We were under the impression that this tour would take us around SLC and let us tour some haunted buildings while hearing about some awesome story's or perhaps experiencing our own.. Boy were we wrong!! Thank goodness for fun friends and imagination!!  We didn't get to get off the bus hardly at all, and the story teller was HORRIBLE!!  But it was a fun time being out!
Yes.. he's laying on a grave.  FREAKY!
My annual girls night with Camille and Lindy was a hit again this year.  We hit up Nightmare on 13th in SLC and headed up to dirty Dee's for some icecream afterward.  It was a night full of laughter, screaming, running and me getting called mom by some radio dj.  Thanks dick!