Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sun is Gone... The Leaves Have Fallen... The Snow is Coming

Ya... it's been quite a while since we've had an update!!  It's not because we aren't doing anything!!  Life has become quite a whirlwind these past few months!  I'll just hit the highlights these last few months!!
My 26th Birthday!!  Wasn't super excited about it!!  But it turned out awesome!  I got my hair cut and colored that day (what girl doesn't love that?), I got a beautiful bouquet of roses, and 2 JOBS!!!  Yay... just what every girl dreams of... a job for her birthday gift!!  ha ha... I can laugh now because it has turned into an amazing opportunity for me.  Chase got me a room at Split-Enz salon in N. Ogden to do my esthetics.  While he was arranging that, I was interviewing for an office job at MOSC-Affiliates in S. Ogden!!  Well... I got them both!  More to come on the salon stuff later!
We took a trip to Lake Powell with some super fun people!!  I have missed that place for the last few years!!  Thanks Mike & Stephanie for the chance to enjoy life again!!
We decided to celebrate Halloween to the fullest this year.  So Chase got a wild hair and we put on a haunted house in Brigham City at the old Indian Schools!!  It was stressful, but guess what... IT WAS AWESOME!!  Everyone who came through loved it!!  We broke even and considered that a success considering we did ZERO advertising for it!  It is now going to be a yearly Phillips Family event!! 
Chase's brother talked us into going on a "ghost tour" with a group of friends.  We were under the impression that this tour would take us around SLC and let us tour some haunted buildings while hearing about some awesome story's or perhaps experiencing our own.. Boy were we wrong!! Thank goodness for fun friends and imagination!!  We didn't get to get off the bus hardly at all, and the story teller was HORRIBLE!!  But it was a fun time being out!
Yes.. he's laying on a grave.  FREAKY!
My annual girls night with Camille and Lindy was a hit again this year.  We hit up Nightmare on 13th in SLC and headed up to dirty Dee's for some icecream afterward.  It was a night full of laughter, screaming, running and me getting called mom by some radio dj.  Thanks dick!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time to get going!!

Well I've been thinking it in my head for months now!  I took the first step to getting my own thing going with my lashes and waxing and other various esthetics services!!  MY BUSINESS CARDS ARRIVED TODAY!!  Next step is to paint and re-arrange the extra bedroom to be a little more comfortable!!  Here we go!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bragging Rights...

I needed to share my newest creation with everyone. I have been wanting a cute jewelry holder for some time now!! This idea has been brewing in my mind for over a month now. I finally sat down and put it together! I have to admit, I'm like a school girl getting to show off her winning art project to people! I LOVE IT!!

It's only missing the finishing touch here. I have a cute little knob to screw in the wall above it and staple some cute ribbon to it so it's hanging from the knob! And I was toying with the idea of having a cute little vinyl saying made: "I just want to be fabulous" quoted by Miss Marilyn Monroe herself!! What do you think?

Better Late than NEVER, right??

Well July came and went almost as fast as a storm blowing over Willard Bay!! We had a crazy busy month, and made some great memories!!

Over the 4th we headed up to Bear Lake with the Phillips' side. It was a lot of fun, but the one day we went to the beach it was overcast and kind of chilly! Needless to say, no sun for me! And I'm not sure why, but I have ZERO pictures from the whole trip! I am starting to slack on the photog side of life!

Shortly after that little trip we celebrated Chase's sister's wedding! It was a lot of work! She had it at the Phillips' residence in Morgan, so we all got to help out getting things ready. I'll tell you one thing.... this family sure does pull together some dang amazing decorating/set up!! We had a great time hanging out with all the friends and fam that came to celebrate! Congrats to Whitni & Rob! We love you guys!
During July Chase and I also celebrated our 3 year Anniversary!! I can't even believe 3 years has gone by! I don't want to get all mushy or anything, but I am so thankful for every day that goes by knowing that I have a companion like Chase to spend my life with. He is amazing and I can see the progress we have made together and it is amazing how much two people can grow together. I get excited thinking about our future together and starting our own little family. (no this is not an announcement!!) We celebrated in style, as usual!! Would you expect anything less from us?! We headed to Park City for the weekend! We were completely spoiled that weekend, we got to stay in a HUGE house in Deer Valley (thanks Shelley!!) it had more space than we could ever use! The hot tub out back was nice too! Chase had won a gift cert. to Ruth's Chris Steak House at a title convention earlier this summer, so we got to enjoy one of the best steaks I have ever tasted in my life!! I'm not joking! We headed out to the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster. Oh we laughed and laughed!! It was like being a kid again! Such a great place to spend time together! And we ventured out to the Farmer's Market on Main Street. It was amazing!! They had live bands playing, food cooking every where and some of the most unique vendors ever!! I want to go back before it's over! So that's a re-cap of our LOVER'S WEEKEND!!

I love you Chase Phillips!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let the Sun SHINE!!!

Wow!! What a busy month we have had!! My mind goes blank when I try to remember what exactly it's been busy with, but I swear... there is SOMETHING! In the last post we were just working on the front flower bed and the patio. And now they are FINISHED!! I am so happy, and now I'm just patiently waiting for my flowers to BLOOM!

Love me my Poppy's!
The full view

Chase has also finished our patio project! I could not be happier with how it turned out! I LOVE it, and more importantly, I love Chase for being such a hard worker and getting it done!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Check it OUT!!

I feel like this makes it all REAL!!
Spa Parties & Esthetics: by Amanda
Now featuring GLITTER TOES!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh! The Adventures We've Had!

A lot has been going on since the last post!! (I would only hope, since it HAS been a month!!) Any way.. Just a quick re-cap on life.
Easter was a lot of fun! We spent it with my family in Idaho, well part of the fam! Only one brother could make it. We had a good time hangin out and the Easter Bunny brought us all kites! So we headed out to the field and gave them a whirl. Mine didn't fly so good, not enough wind :( It was fun to be around my niece Makell. She constantly makes me laugh! She was recovering from a black eye that she got playing at her grandparents house in Colorado. She was pretty proud of it though!

Makell likes to watch videos on Chase's phone... It makes him feel good!
Makell and Grammy flying the kite
We have been doing a lot of work around the house! Chase went to work and tore up our patio so we can put down some paver stones to expand it a little. It's not done yet, but that is because of the crappy weather we've been having. We have plans to do it after Mother's Day! I also talked him into building up my flower bed in the front! I love how it turned out! I'll post some more pics when the flowers in it start to bloom!
Our back patio in the works
The front flower bed...
On a sunny Sunday morning we took our first hike of the season with our good friends Stevi and Clayton. We just went up the mountain side behind our house. We found a neat cave and got to climb up a cool stream made by the spring run-off. It was a lot of fun! Apparently there are some Indian ruins/drawings in some caves. We were trying to find them, but got severely side-tracked with our photos!

Me and Stevi

Chase on his perch
Clayton and Chase inside the cave

And last but not least.... May 1st, I participated in a small boutique in Brigham. My main goal there was to get my name out to get some Spa Parties going, but I thought I'd try my hand at selling some crafts. That part of it didn't go over so well!! I came home with some inventory. But I'm just considering it new decor for the upcoming holidays! So it's okay! It was a lot of fun just being there and I'm glad I gave it a shot!

A few crafts that were up for grabs

So that pretty much sums up our lives the past few weeks! We have some more adventures in store, so stay tuned!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

Well February was here and gone!! And here we are in March and let me tell you Spring Fever has set in at our house!! Here is a little tid bit on what's been going on at the Phillips' household!

25th Street in Ogden had a Winterfest this year. We didn't hear about it until the very end, but we showed up for the ending fireworks!! It was a lot of fun. Apparently they trucked in enough snow to pack the big hill and have things like skiing races and sledding, and then there was of course the snowmobile racing. Sure wish we would have known about all of the fun stuff going on!! You can be sure we have marked our calendars for next year though!!

(yes, Clayton and Chase had to buy light sabers!!)

I have officially started my new job at Oria Spa in Eden, UT. It was a long time coming, and I had quite a bit of time on my hands with the weeks between jobs! So I tried to be useful, by painting the bathroom downstairs!! I am so happy about the way it turned out. The pics just don't do it justice!! The color is Bamboo Shoot from Lowes. And as you can see I still need to get a mirror to put in my frame, because some dumb contractor glued the freakin mirror to the wall! Who does that!? I also came so close to finishing the living room. For those who have forgotten we did a venetian plaster in there. I will forever curse that stuff. I have one wall still needing the final coat and then we have to do the final polishing. Perhaps next year!!!

The pics are my fav. Old school magazine covers from the 40's!!

We had a spontaneous night and met the Jaques' in SLC at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. It is located at Trolley Square. I always have this tiny fear in the back of my mind when going there since the whole freak shooting a few years ago and all. But it was a fun night!

Last but certainly not least we got to go to the Jazz vs. Rockets game a few weekends ago. Chase got the tix at an auction at one of the title conventions he and his bro went to. We had fun with his brother Skyler and wife Heather! We had dinner at the Gateway. Here is where you will laugh. Of course we don't plan ahead and by the time we got there all of the restaurants of choice had a wait of 45-60 min. So we defaulted to the food court!! It was good though! The game turned out to be a good one! Heather got her minute of fame on the Jumbo-tron!!! I of course ducked the other direction!

So if that isn't enough, just know that Life is Good!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane :)

Wow!! What a month January has been! We celebrated Chase's 27th birthday to kick it off!! I surprised him with a night of go-kart racing and some good southern BBQ cooking! I even made him wear a blindfold while driving to Speed Street in Layton! He's a good sport! Thanks to everyone who made it out and helped make it such a great b-day for Chase!

Next... I've landed a full time Esthetician job at a new spa in Eden, UT! I get to quit driving one canyon and start driving another, much more treacherous one! At lease I will be happy to do so! I start February 2nd.... I'll have much more to tell after that!

Our good friends The Romero's are expecting a little boy in March. This weekend was the big baby shower and I was so excited to make something! So I made this adorable magnet board for little Nixon. Can't wait for him to get here!