Friday, February 11, 2011

Where do I begin??

Wow... blogging is becoming a thing of the past I feel!!  It's so hard to bring myself to do it!  There has been many ups and downs since my last posting.  And unfortunately I have really slacked on the picture taking to document it all.  SAD.
Turkey Day was a success at the Phillips household.  Nothing caught on fire this year, and no one got hurt!!  We had fun going down to see the Temple lights.  We rode the Front Runner down and had a great night!

  We had a night on the town and went to see the Cody Jordan Band play live at Teasers in Ogden.  It's a dive, but given the right company it can be fun!  We are now in love with the music that comes from this band.  Check them out, you won't regret it!

Well Christmas came and went.  We had so much fun in Idaho with the fam.  We went sledding up at Pomerelle.  It was a blast!!  We had a great hill and had my dad groom a track for us!  Seriously, I had forgotten how much fun sledding is!  Santa spoiled me and Chase ( I'm seriously the best Santa ever)... I got a super cute new Columbia coat and some other great things.  Chase got the watch he's been eyeballing FOREVER and some other random items.

The New Year was kind of lame this year.  I was oh so ill with a wicked head-cold so we didn't do anything exciting.  Chase turned 28 on Jan 8th.  I threw him a birthday party down in SLC.  It was amazing!  We had dinner at PF Changs (super delish), and then went to Keys on Main (a dueling piano bar).  It was such a great night.  Chase got called up on stage and had to sit on one of the piano's while they sang him a song.  I of course have no pictures to document it.  I could scream!!  We stayed at Little America with some friends and enjoyed their breakfast buffet Sunday morning.  Wow... it was so good!

Work for me was going good.  Seemed like things were finally working out.  And then on a lovely Monday morning at work I lost my job.  Yaayyy..... best thing ever to start a week off!!  It was a weird situation and I was really pissed about it at first.  But I have decided that things happen for a reason, and I'm going to take advantage of this!  Things at the salon are going great, so I'm hoping to keep growing my clientelle and not have to find another office job!!  My house is finally getting the TLC it has needed for a while, and I'm getting to learn how to deal with "going with the flow"  which for those of you who know me, it's extremely hard!!  I am a planner through and through, so for me to not know what each day is going to bring is agonizing!!  But I'm dealing!

Other than that, life is good in Willard!  Hope everyone has a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!