Thursday, September 8, 2011

::Chase's Summer Love::

These last two summers Chase has been learning to kayak with his brothers.  He really enjoys it, but hasn't gotten to into it yet due to the lack of owning his own kayak.  Who knew those things were so expensive!!!  Anyway, this summer he really hasn't gotten to get on the river much (thanks to these two darling boys growing inside me)!
I had no idea kayaking was such a popular sport!!  Did you know there are "parks" for people to go play in and learn new tricks without hitting the major rapids?!  Ogden has a few neat places for this.  Chase was able to get out the other day and play in a little waterfall that is just behind the new Wal-Mart off 21st in Ogden.  He conquered his first ever "river roll" and managed to figure out how to "surf" the wave.  Everyone makes these things look super easy, but apparently it takes a bit of skill to do it.  So I got to be the proud wife for the afternoon!!
Here is some video footage from the day.

 First "River Roll"
I hope our boys get his love for water instead of my slight fear of it!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

{shadow play}

Today was a fun day!!  Chase and I worked on the basement bedroom together!  We primed all the walls and ceiling this morning and painted the ceiling this afternoon.  Can't wait to get the walls painted tomorrow and Tuesday!!  It's a lot more work doing it 7 months pregnant...  but it's going to be worth it!  While we were cleaning up tonight the sun was shining in the window and made a perfect spot for shadows on the back wall.  Here is a favorite we captured!

I'm thinking this could be something fun to do with maternity photos!!  Definitely will keep it in mind!