Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chase's B-day Outing...

For Chase's birthday we got together with some friends on a Saturday night and went to dinner and then bowling. Dinner was at Chase's newest favorite place - - - Holy Smoke BBQ in Layton. Its definitely different, but if you like bbq, you'll love this place. After eating we headed over to what we remember as Muskrat Lanes. Apparently Muskrat under went a face lift and is now Spare Time of Clearfield. It was fun! I bowled better than Chase so I was happy!!

Thanks for those who came out and made it a great night!!

The NOSE wax!!

So a few weekends ago Kelly and Camilly came to visit and Kelly was nice enough to volunteer to get his nose waxed! I was soooo excited to finally have someone to use my new wax kit (Chase got it for me for Christmas) on! He was such a good sport and Chase got it all on video!! Enjoy!

This was Chase's reaction to the whole idea of a nose wax.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Main Squeeze!!

Today Chase turns 26!! We don't have any killer plans for tonight. I have school til 9 and he is working late into the night with his cousin. But this weekend we have a few things in mind. I can't believe Chase is 26 this year. We met when he was just 20 years old!! Its crazy to think we have known each other for that long.

To honor the birthday boy I'd like to share with you 26 of my favorite things about Chase. (Hopefully I can think of that many!! ;) )

26. He can make friends with anyone

25. He is turning into quite the handy man

24. He doesn't let me get away with whining

23. He loves his family and mine too

22. He is always on the go

21. He doesn't beat around the bush with anything

21. He is always more than willing to help someone else

20. He see's every side to the story before he makes his opinion

19. He works hard every day - - whether he's in the office or somewhere else

18. He is always there for me with love and support

17. He loves playing with kids :) its so cute!

16. He understands that sometimes a girl just has to buy something!!

15. He is very good at listening and helping solve problems

14. He still gets excited about Christmas!!

13. He has started trying to learn to cook in a crockpot!!

12. He never complains about having to shovel the driveway... even at 1:00 a.m.

11. He constantly amazes me with his ideas

10. He very rarely complains about anything

9. Secretly he is nerdy and I love it!

8. He lets me play guitar hero all day and never says a word about it!

7. He never "lets" me win at board games!

6. He always eats what I cook!

5. He encouraged me to go back to school

4. His sarcasm

3. He keeps me spontaneous

2. His smile can melt me

1. He is mine... forever and for always

I love you Chase and hope you have a stellar birthday!!