Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn.... It's here!

As much as I hate to admit it. Fall has come. At first I was really disappointed that summer had come and gone so quickly, but I really do love the season of Fall. The leaves are changing through Sardine Canyon - - which makes me smile when driving to work on a crispy fall morning. And I can make cute new decor for the season! Hooray for cool weather and all the cute new clothes to wear!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NEW - - hair ~ nephew ~ tradition

Well quite a bit has been going on these past few weeks! And I'm happy to share that it has ALL been good stuff!

First things first... I got a new do! I had been wanting to do this for quite some time but always chickened out. So finally I just did it! I DYED my hair RED!!! And I love it!

Second... Chase and I got a new nephew!! Mr. Tye James Cook was born on Aug. 31st! My brother Jason and his wife Laree welcomed him with open arms! But how could you not when he is so stinkin adorable! I'm a proud auntie and even got him a bib to prove his love for me! It says "I love my Auntie!" He is going to be a heart-breaker for sure!

And the last excitement we have had was going to Peach Days in Brigham and enjoyed some famous peach cobbler! While we were there we HAD to ride one carnival ride and we chose "SPIN OUT" - - for those of you who are unfamiliar with the carni rides, it is similar to the Samurai at Lagoon. Holy cow, I was ready to cry by the time we were done! Hands down, best carnival ride ever!!! Also, we were able to see Jon Schmidt perform his "Taylor Swift meets Viva la Vida" song! It was amazing! Again, truly a major motivator to get my piano inside my house!

Stevi & I - -so excited to see Jon Schmidt

And to finish the night, we headed up to Mantua to camp! We found a spot at "Dock Flat" :) It started out as an eventful night and continued to progress! While there I showed how we Idaho girls gather firewood! We had neighbors who came over to invite us to their "camp party" - - we declined. Then later they started shooting guns! Totally not okay in the hunters safety guidelines. I feared for my life for a few! But then they quit. We camped out under the stars in the back of the truck! Such a great time! Cheesy filled hot dogs + The Phillips' + The Sherman's=LOADS OF FUN! It is going to be must every year!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sandy's Wedding

Well it's over!!! Chase's mom was married to a great guy last weekend! We had so much fun being with all of the family! I will admit it was incredibly exhausting and very stressful getting it all ready. But the outcome was phenomenal!!

Friday night we got to have dinner with all of Dave's kids. He has 4 daughters!! The Phillips' don't know what to do with this many girls around! It was a lot of fun spending time with them and getting to know one another! There is always that fear of mingling two families - - what if we don't get along?! But it was meant to be. I think we all clicked pretty good!
The BIG family!! 3 new bro in laws, 4 new sis in laws!

Saturday was the big day, and boy did we accomplish tons! I have the best brothers and sisters on the Phillips' side! We all work soo well together and come up with amazing ideas! Jamie did the flowers and they turned out beautiful! We had music, balloons, great company and great food! What more could you ask for right?!

Sunday was the best day! All of the kids stayed the night at Sandy's, and we made a huge brunch and had Grandpa and DJ over and some surprise visitors from Colorado. Chase's great aunt Venice and uncle Terry!! We had a blast cooking and playing in the pool. I was so sad the day went by so quickly! I love having all of us together!
Chase and Mason in the pool

Everyone enjoying the sunshine and breakfast
Chaddy & Mason

Kinley being her cute self!!

Congratulations to Sandy and Dave!! We are so excited for their future together!!