Friday, October 21, 2011

<::Twenty Seven::>

September 21 I celebrated my 27th birthday.  I had prepared myself for it to suck!  I was put on strict bed-rest the week before, so I was ready to enjoy the couch for my big day!  I had my 31 week appointment that afternoon and I got released from the strict part and was just advised to take it easy!  That was the first great news, and we got a great ultrasound picture of the babe who had been hiding through each appointment...  the day was looking up!

I spent the day resting thanks to some contractions that were coming and going.  Chase worked later than normal that night.  So I wasn't expecting anything!!  But he came through with some great surprises!  He got me a cake complete with candles!  And got me some great gifts!  He bought me the book "The Help" (I highly suggest this to all!  It was a great read.), he also got me the Adele cd (love, love, love it!), and he got me one of those amazing pregnancy pillows (not just a body pillow, it's 100 times better!!).

It was a perfect night!  Probably one of my most memorable birthdays yet.  Thank you Chase for making me feel so special and loved!  I love you.

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