Friday, October 21, 2011

::Changes:: {in the blink of an eye}

Bradford Sean Phillips:
31 weeks & 6 days
Born 9/30/2011 @ 7:41 pm
3 lbs 7 oz   16 inches

Gary Scott Phillips:
31 weeks & 6 days
Born 9/30/2011 @ 7:42 pm
3 lbs 11 oz  16.5 inches

What a ride this has been!  We knew our boys would come early but we didn't know it would be this early!!  We had just been to our doctors appointment on Wed. (Sept 28) and everything checked out great!  I had a NST done and had a few contractions but apparently nothing to be worried about because the doctor just said be sure and take it easy.  Well I took it easy, but Thursday night I started having contractions.  I didn't think much of them because I've contracted through this whole pregnancy thanks to my rapid growth!  So I thought they would go away eventually, but these were different than the others.  It was like one huge contraction that didn't ever go away.  The night was awful, I sat in the bathtub hoping that would help, I tried to ignore them and sleep, but nothing was helping.  So Friday morning I called the Dr.'s office and talked with a nurse.  They didn't have any openings so she told me to go up to Labor & Delivery and have them do a NST to watch the babies.

Again I didn't think much of this cause it wouldn't be the first time we got sent to the hospital for that.  So at about 10:00 am I went up and told Chase.  We took our time getting ready!!  I showered and everything!  On our way out we both stopped and wondered if maybe we should pack a bag or something but both decided it would probably be just like last time and we'd get sent home in an hour!!  I did at least grab my own pillow!  And that's where our adventure begins!

Admitted at 12:00 we got in our room and I got hooked up to the monitors and the boys were doing good.  They were moving and kicking and having a party I think.  I, on the other hand, was having contractions that were pretty strong (I had no idea they were THE REAL DEAL!!).  The nurse checked me and I was already dilated to a 4!!  So the rush began.  I was pumped full of all kinds of medications to slow the contractions and steroids for the babies lungs.  I didn't get any pain meds because they had to be able to tell if the contractions were getting stronger.  They were!  The shots I got to slow the contractions had side effects like an energy drink x 100.  My heart rate at one point was 125!!  I had the sweats and shakes! After about an hour things seemed to ease up.  I finally got some morphine which just took the edge off.  I was still able to feel each contraction.  It was unlike anything I'd ever felt before.

When the morphine started to wear off things progressed more.  They tried the shots to slow me down again, but there wasn't enough time to let them kick in.  The contractions were horrific by then and were very close together.  The deciding factor though was when Sean's heart-rate started dropping with each contraction.  He was showing distress, so around 7:30 pm I was off to the OR for a c-section!  I guess the nurse was worried that with as small as the babies were and me being dilated to a 5 at that point meant that they could come out any time.  I was lucky that there was time to do a spinal block instead of having to be put completely under.  That was kind of scary.  Here I was with full swing labor contractions trying to lean forward and not move!!  It all worked out good though and before I knew it I couldn't feel my legs or stomach!  The whole surgery only took about 20 min.  Chase even got brave and watched them break my 2nd water and pull Scott out.  It was the strangest feeling to be able to feel the tugging and pressure but not have any pain associated with it.  Once the 2nd baby was out I felt a huge relief.

They had 2 teams of nurses ready for the boys.  I got to see each of them for just a second before they were rushed out to NICU.  I'm so thankful for all of the nurses and doctors that were there and ready to take care of them.  It was an overwhelming feeling when I was wheeled into my room, knowing I couldn't see my boys until the spinal block wore off.  At about 2:00 am I was finally able to feel my legs and stand, so they let us go into NICU and see our babies.  Talk about emotional!!  There they were!!  So perfect and beautiful!  The tubes and wires made my heart ache for them.  Luckily they didn't stay on them long.  Our boys are fighters!!  Sean had to be on a ventilator for the first 2 days.  It wasn't breathing for him, but would kick in when he would forget to keep breathing!!  Neither of them had to be on straight oxygen which is amazing.  By day 3 they were both completely off the oxygen.  Scott was able to be off his IV's sooner than Sean.  He was eating and digesting like a champ!  As of Wednesday the 5th Sean was off his IV and eating and digesting his food.  They are both getting increased feedings right now.  So far only Sean has had to be under the Bili-lights and was only there for a day.

We feel so lucky to have such strong baby boys.  They are improving by the day and we can only hope that the progress continues.  We don't know when to expect them to come home.  Maybe 4-6 weeks?  But we are so thankful for all of the amazing nurses that are taking care of them right now.  I have no doubt they are getting the best care possible.  I love our time there visiting and holding our babies.  They are such sweet little spirits.  I never want to leave them, but I have the comfort of knowing they are being loved and watched over.

We will keep you all updated as the time goes on.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  I know they are working!!

<::Twenty Seven::>

September 21 I celebrated my 27th birthday.  I had prepared myself for it to suck!  I was put on strict bed-rest the week before, so I was ready to enjoy the couch for my big day!  I had my 31 week appointment that afternoon and I got released from the strict part and was just advised to take it easy!  That was the first great news, and we got a great ultrasound picture of the babe who had been hiding through each appointment...  the day was looking up!

I spent the day resting thanks to some contractions that were coming and going.  Chase worked later than normal that night.  So I wasn't expecting anything!!  But he came through with some great surprises!  He got me a cake complete with candles!  And got me some great gifts!  He bought me the book "The Help" (I highly suggest this to all!  It was a great read.), he also got me the Adele cd (love, love, love it!), and he got me one of those amazing pregnancy pillows (not just a body pillow, it's 100 times better!!).

It was a perfect night!  Probably one of my most memorable birthdays yet.  Thank you Chase for making me feel so special and loved!  I love you.