Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Park City Fantasy!!

Last weekend me and Chase and a couple friends (the Jaques' & Vetica's) went up to Park City for the weekend. I have an aunt who hooked us up to stay in a really nice condo for free. It was a blast. Chase and I arrived first on Friday night around 10. My aunt had e-mailed me the address & garage code. The garage code was wrong, so in a panic I called my aunt and of course I got NO answer. So after a little worry time, I remembered on the phone a few weeks earlier she had given me a different code. THANK GOODNESS - - IT WORKED!! The place was awesome. It had a hot tub (which we definitely took advantage of) and we got a really nice king size bed. To top it off, it had a flat screen with all the channels!! Kelly & Camille came up after us and we just hung out and chatted, then hit the sack.

**Camille cheersing with some v8 smoothie!**

The next day Camille and I ditched the boys and went to the outlets. I don't know why they call them outlets, because I swear they are more expensive than department stores. But I'll admit they had some pretty good sales going on! We me up with the hubbies for lunch at Panda Express in the new Redstone development by Kimball Junction. It was a lot of fun. We walked through all the little boutiques and shopped some more. Then Dustin & Natalie showed up.

**Boys in da house**

We had a pretty laid back night. A little scattergories, some scrabble, and best of all CLUE!! We had all forgotten how to play, so it took forever. Natalie ended up winning. We ate at a pizzeria on Main Street and went home to enjoy a soak in the hot tub. It was a great weekend and included some much needed relaxation! We'll do it again soon......

**Nat & Camille snuggling** **Chase being ..... cute**

**The Vetica's**

My life in a bag...

Alright folks... I was tagged by Lindy to show the contents of my purse. Your going to laugh at some of them I'm sure!! I usually have less in there but you caught me on a not so organized day!

1. Key to work
2. a stray penny & paper clip & bobby pins
3. sewing kit (something left from the weekend!)
4. Cough drops
5. Pen
6. 3 different kinds of lipgloss
7. Wallet
8. Check book
9. Receipts
10. Girlie Products!
11. And Tanning goggles!!

Alright, so I have a lot of crap in there right now!! Don't ask about the tanning goggles. I used to be an avid tanner... if you have seen me lately you will know that is not the case any more! Now I tag Camille & Jen.... Post if you dare!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girls Gone Wild - in Fallon, Nevada!!

A few weekends ago I ventured out to Nevada with my mom and sister-in-law, Laree. We were going to see my brother, Jared and his wife, Emilie and my sweet niece, Makell. It was a lot of fun, my dad and brother, Jason, ended up having to work down there (long story short... they all work for the same company, and a new plant opened in Nevada, which is why both of my brothers will be living there).... Anyways - - - - -
It was Emilie's birthday so we went out shopping and had a great time! Poor Makell was sick the first day we went out, so it ended up being kind of a short trip into Carson City. But luckily the next day she was feeling much better and was ready to shop her little heart out! We drove into Reno (which is a lot bigger than I thought) and shopped the day away. It was a ton of fun and we all got some really cute things! Here are some pics of the girls!

Mom and Laree excited to be shopping!

Me & Emilie.... our feet hurt!!
Makell was sooo tired, she fell asleep while we ate and chatted.

Totally "LOST"!!

Alright, I didn't want to admit how lame we are... but after thinking about what we did all night on Tuesday, I couldn't help but laugh and want to share it! After a long day at work for both of us, we came home and really didn't have motivation for anything.
So we decided (since we don't have TV) that it would be fun to gather around the computer and get caught up on "LOST"... And so we did! We pulled the middle section of the couch into the kitchen (after watching a full episode on the bar stools, we wanted to get comfy for the long night ahead!), we surrouded ourselves with candy, chips, and drinks and watched about 5 episodes!! I finally couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed... bad move. I missed the best part of all. . . they actually explained something! For those of you who have or do watch Lost, you know that its pretty much a show with zero answers!!

Here are some pics of our set up. What a great night!!

Just call me Martha!!

I have decided that I inherited my Grandma's love for gardening. Not so much the gardening to grow food (perhaps in the future) but having flowers around. I decided it was going to be up to me to get the flower bed at our place up to par. Since the HOA doesn't really seem to care. So I decided to see how green my thumb is! I got some flower seeds and some little pots. I planted two pots with about 4 seeds in each of them. (I didn't want to be to let down when nothing sprouted) But to my surprise a week later there were sprouts in each of them!! I don't think I've been so excited in a long time! Chase just laughed at me and told me I was a nerd. But I got all excited and went out and bought some more seeds (flowers, bell peppers, and mint).. I need to see if I'm limited to only flowers!
So far the peppers are the only things that have not sprouted yet. But I still have faith!! I just thought I'd share my excitement with you all! Enjoy the pictures of my little plants!! (and cross your fingers that they don't take a sudden turn for death!)
(this is the little green house of flowers, peppers & mint!)
(these are my first try)
(and this is just pretty and I wanted to transplant it, but its already bloomed and will be dieing soon - - or so my mom tells me)

Our New Addition...

Chase and I have been wanting some kind of pet to come home to. We debated and debated on what to get... Dog, Cat, Fish, Bird??? After going to the adopt-a-pet at Petco in Ogden a few Saturdays in a row we got a little discouraged. We really wanted a small dog, but soon realized what kind of time and attention they need and deserve. Right now we really don't have room for a dog, nor the time to spend with one. We wanted to adopt one of these animals that needed a good home rather than just buying one that had been bred to sell.

After much deliberation we found a cute kitty named Sasha. On an impulse I bought her.... we immediately had her declawed because they were sharp and she knew how to use them! At first we were nervous we had made a wrong decision (everyone has said how dumb we are for getting a cat), but we are really liking her!

She hangs out in the basement for the most part. She still isn't used to us and all of the noises that come along. But she is warming up and has started showing us her fun side. She is a little bit on the crazy side and rolls on the floor like a dog!! Anyway, despite what you all have said about having a hairy cat, we kinda like her!!

Jimmy Eat World!!!

So on Monday the 14th we went to the Jimmy concert in Provo at UVSC with Kelly & Camille. It was a lot of fun! I'll admit I don't know a whole lot of their songs and I don't really get into alternative concerts much, so this was a new experience for me. They are Chase's favortie band, and I can see why. They put on a great show, and though I didn't know all of the words to the songs, at least I knew most of the chorus lines!!

The opener was a band that SUCKED!! Called Deer and the Head Lights (some locals). Then Paramore came on and they were really fun to watch, except they seemed to spit a lot on the stage. It kind of got disgusting after a while. But they were a good band to get you all pumped up for Jimmy Eat World.

Anywho... it was a great time! Thanks Camille for getting the tickets!